The Hardware

After years of fabricating hardware for the drums I was making for myself, I learned what was necessary and what just doesn’t work.
The yacht quality stainless steel and bronze hardware you will find on your Seasons drums is all original, designed by myself, hand welded or turned from solid stock. They can’t rust and no chrome will ever flake or chip off. The hardware is mortised into the drum body so it will not slip like I have seen happen on so many drums. Because of the way the tuning lugs are designed the threads on the rods are not stressed in the same way as they are on factory drums so they will not wear the same and won’t fail you. For the same reason tuning becomes a more sensitive experience, as you feel the actual tension and not the “resistance” to turning that you feel (and often hear) on other percussion sets.

The crowns are compatible with a wide range of synthetic heads, if that is what you are into.