The Dutchie from New York with the difficult name who lives in Italy

When I was 14 I started playing drums, at 15 I started working as a carpenter.
By the time I was 20, back in 1996, I was working as a furniture maker in southern Holland and I was starting to have ideas about how I could build better drums than the ones I was playing. It wasn’t until 1999, when I was studying furniture and boat building in Amsterdam, that I was able to test some of my theories and prove to myself that I was right.

Hidde at work
My Story

I started building drums out of love for percussion and for the technical challenge as a builder, plus I was too poor to afford a “good set of congas. Even the best drums I played had flaws that I could see as a builder and feel as a drummer.

Now I’m building drums which truly please me, both as a drummer and as a builder. Being a small operation, with small production runs allows me certain freedoms big manufactures can not afford. And I’m honored to be able to bring those drums to you.

Hidde Heydendael
Founder, Owner