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Why Seasons?

As a small producer I can keep a very watchful eye on quality and can allow myself to make my drums as I see fit. I can produce instruments in any wood species desired. I do have ethical limits and prefer to use wood that is sustainably harvested.

Seasons offers the possibility of ordering custom made drums in bespoke wood sorts to all percussionists, be it the passionate-amateur, the aficionado or connoisseur of the percussion world. For all of those who would like something genuinely exclusive and unique. I’m honored to be able to bring those drums to you.

What people are saying

Seasons percussion is not just a brand of Afro-Cuban musical reference, it is not just the most prestigious brand of tumbadoras in the world …! It is a soul entity …The tumbadoras SEASONSPERCUSSION are not consecrated by any Yoruba ritual….Yet touching them, playing them permits you to an "other dimension"... They are artisanal drums so made with love ...that through that perfection of wood, metal and skin ...the percussionist, the connoisseur , the expert, or even the curious commoner ...can feel that they are congas "with a soul"! ….You can't ask for more from a musical instrument built just for you!
The first time I played them, I had a marvelous tactile experience, with the sensation of caressing something special, that was singing ancient melodies.
I have admired Hidde ever since we first met. He immediately aroused my interest because he is a refined designer who works with extreme knowledge and respect for the materials with which he creates musical instruments that I can confirm with extreme certainty, "verge on" perfection ...only because my teachers have philosophically transmitted to me the concept that "perfection" does not exist … Seasons Percussion, instruments of the highest quality.
EDE (Hidde) is a true ARTISAN and the musicians he collaborates with are real professionals in the percussion sector. Personally, I am very pleased to have this opportunity for mutual collaboration and hope that it will be consolidated over time. That this synergy will begin an era of new development in this important sector.
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